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Carpenter Bee 

Our Carpenter Bee picks are part of our Royal Jelly Series. If you haven’t noticed by now, we love offering different styles of grips. The Carpenter Bee features a double sided cork grips designed with comfort and grip in mind. We think you will love these picks.   


Honey Bee


Honey Picks come in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Small: similar in height to a Dunlop Jazz iii

Medium: similar in height to a Dunlop Flow/Jazz XL

Large: similar in height to a Classic 351 shape


Each pick from the smallest thickness to the thickest, is beveled by hand. It is a tedious process that takes time and skill, but it's what sets our picks apart from the mass produced picks.


These picks are made from Cast Acrylic. This material is much longer lasting than the typical picks you buy over the counter at your guitar store. Tone-wise, these picks are bright with a quick attack with increased volume and fatness.