Grips are important. Just imagine that you found the perfect shape, size and thickness of a pick. Now imagine if that pick was covered in oil. It doesn't matter that the shape, size and thickness is perfect. You will not be able to securely hold onto the pick. We understand the importance of the grip, and that's why we offer 3 standard grips for all of our picks. 

Our grips are unique as they are made from Cherry & Walnut wood. The standard series of picks are made from Cherry, and our Royal Jelly series has Walnut grips. We feel that the wood has a natural grip texture and also enhances the look of our picks.

Please see the examples below for each standard grip: 

Standard Grip for the standard series of picks

standard grip

Standard Grip for the Royal Jelly series of picks

royal jelly

Hive Grip

hive grip

Multi-hole Grip

multihole grip