You've probably heard people refer to the bevel of their picks a few different ways. I'm sure you've heard the saying "Speed Bevel" or "Symmetric / Asymmetric" bevel style. I'll try to make these words make sense below. 

A Speed Bevel or Asymmetric Bevel is referring to the tips of the pick where it meets the string of the guitar. Anyone who has used a plastic pick on guitar will notice that it begins to wear in a specific pattern. Right-handed players will wear out one side of their pick more than the other creating an asymmetric bevel. The same wear pattern happens left-handed players only the opposite side is worn down. 

In short...
Right-hand bevels are created by right-handed players & left-hand bevels are made from left-handed bevels. Standard bevel picks are symmetrical and are the most often used picks.

I will show how each of our picks will look with a Standard, Left-hand and Right-hand bevel. If you have any further questions about these bevels and what you should order yourself, please contact us via our email address:

Standard Bevels

Standard Bevels

Left-hand Bevels

lh bevel

Right-hand Bevels

rh bevel