Synthetic Opal 1.5mm

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Have you ever wanted to design your perfect guitar pick? Our Synthetic Opal material comes in 6 standard shapes with 3 different sizes, grips and bevel options. 

Each pick from our thin .56mm to the thickest 9mm+ is beveled by hand. It is a tedious process that takes time and skill, but it's what sets our picks apart from the mass produced picks. 

These picks are made from Synthetic Opal. Synthetic opals are man-made opals that have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties, and appearance as natural opals. They are often called lab-created opals, lab-grown opals, or cultured opals to indicate their man-made origin.

synthetic opal

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Craft
Sounds great, feels great.

Love these picks. Nice balance between warmth and punch.

Great pick - great company

Love all my Honey Picks! Great tone and feel. And the company is easy to get behind. Great people.

Scott Martinez
Love the picks!

Love the picks! The materials pick shape placement of the grip holes. Great product great Tone. Cheers