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Shapes & Sizes

Choose from 6 different models (Beehive, Bumblebee, Honey Bee, Honey Jar, Hornet & Smoker). These shapes are mostly modeled after classic pick designs and have been proven to be some of the most popular picks for years and even decades. 

Small: similar in height to a Dunlop Jazz iii

Medium: similar in height to a Dunlop Flow/Jazz XL

Large:  just a touch larger than the Classic 351 shape

Please visit our Shapes and Sizes link for a detailed list for each pick. 



Our thicknesses are measured in millimeters (mm). These picks come in at a thickness of 1.5mm with a tolerance of +/-.25mm. 



None: no added grip (This is the normal logo)

Multi-hole: multi-hole pattern  

Royal: honeycomb pattern bumps 



  • Right-Hand Bevel
  • Left-Hand Bevel
  • Normal Bevel

Below is an image showing what the right and left handed bevels look like. 

speed bevel


Each pick from our thin .56mm to the thickest 9mm+ is beveled by hand. It is a tedious process that takes time and skill, but it's what sets our picks apart from the mass produced picks. 


These picks are made from Themoplastic ABS. This material produces a bright and full tone while being more flexible than acrylic.