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What is this PEEK material? 

The short of it: PEEK is a super durable thermoplastic with outstanding tone.

The scientific stuff: Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline, high-performance engineering thermoplastic. This rigid opaque material offers a unique combination of mechanical properties, resistance to chemicals, wear, fatigue and creep as well as exceptionally high temperature resistance, up to 260°C (480°F). 

Thanks to these properties, PEEK and its composites are widely used in aerospace, automotive, structural, high temperature electrical and biomedical applications.

Despite high price of the polymer, the added value that PEEK materials bring by offering the possibility of manufacturing parts include lightweight, strength or toughness and able to survive longer in harsh environments.

4 Classic Shapes

We have selected 3 classic shapes and 1 unique shape for our PEEK series of picks. Please see below for the shapes and sizes. There is no option for size on these picks. We've chosen the most popular size for these 4 picks. If you would like to order a different shape or size, please send us an email at for custom orders. 


classic set

Grips (Standard, Hive & Multi-hole)

Our grips are made of Cherry or Walnut wood. Each shape has it's own logo associated with it. These logos are what we call the standard grip. Our hive grip is a great grip option for those wanting a little more security holding onto your pick. Our multi-hole grip is as you would expect... It's full of holes. This grip is a great option for those that want a grip texture on both sides of the pick. 

Standard Grip

royal logo

Hive Grip

Multi-hole Grip

Bevels (Standard, Left & Right)

What are speed bevels anyway: In short, speed bevels mimic the feel of a well worn-in pick. As you play guitar, your pick will begin to wear down in a specific way according to the way you hold your pick and the angle that you strike the strings. Overtime, your pick will show wear and this asymmetrical bevel is referred to as a speed bevel. In short, if you are right handed, you will want to select the right hand bevel, and likewise with the left handed bevel. 

Please see the examples below of all the different bevel styles. 

Standard Bevels (symmetrical bevels)


Left-hand Bevels

Lefthand bevel group

Right-hand Bevels

Rhand bevel group